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IT security spending is set to rocket

It comes as no surprise that IT has become invaluable to many businesses, so hearing that IT spending is on the rise across UK businesses is no shock. However, you may be interested in finding out exactly where this extra money is being spent and what it can do for [...]

A Bit of Bathroom Bliss

Never underestimate the power of a clean, stylish bathroom. Bathrooms are among the top things that homebuyers judge a property by so whether you’re thinking of selling or not, a chic bathroom could boost your future resale value. Here are some great ideas to get you the bathroom of your [...]

A beginner’s guide to writing metadata

(Image source: Metadata is data about data. Exciting – I know. In this post, we’re talking about meta data in relation to SEO; something which is invisible to the average user, but central to developing a successful website. The most important forms of meta data for SEO are meta [...]

Considerations when buying an AV amplifier

When looking at buying a preamp or audio receiver, the numbers and statistics can be overwhelming; however, for most people, these numbers will not impact your enjoyment. If you are a total audiophile, this is one to skip; for everyone else, here is a breakdown of some of the key [...]

Healthy ways to cook beef

We are often told that red meat is bad for us, and we are regularly told to reduce the amount we eat while increasing the amount of vegetables in our diet. While it’s certainly true that too much red meat is not a good thing – and many adults in [...]