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5 warnings to scare burglars

Protecting your home is priceless. However, preventing home theft can be much simpler than what you believe with these 5 warnings to scare away thieves.

Every 90 seconds, a home burglary takes place somewhere in Canada. More than 80% of burglaries occur during the day, but most of them are not planned. Thieves and vandals are simply looking for easy targets to make some quick money.

Why Warnings?

To create even an appearance of security might be sufficient to deter the perpetrators.

  • Visual safety signs, such as an alarm or video surveillance system in a house or an anti-theft system in a car, can send a very strong message to potential criminals.
  • A simple warning sign could act as a deterrent.
  • When a burglar sees the warning at the front of your house or in your car, it reduces the chance that he will choose you as a target. They will instead turn their heels in search of easier prey.
  • In addition, even if a thief decides to try, he will tend to steal less and leave your property sooner if he believes your home has a security system.

In short, the easiest way to prevent break-ins is by placing warning signs or stickers near the entrances to your home, in your vehicle or on your property.

warnings1. Smile! You are filmed!

The worst nightmare of a burglar or vandal is to be caught on camera.

  • Indicating the presence of cameras or simply installing them may deter more than one.

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2. Sign indicating the presence of a safety system

No matter which homes security company you are dealing with, if one of their warning signs or stickers is posted near your door, it will greatly reduce the risk of a burglary happening in your home.

warnings3. Watchdog

Even the most thriving burglars will be reluctant to run for a dog ready to defend his house.

  • In addition, even if the dog is not big enough to scare the thieves, only lamps could attract the attention of curious neighbors and this is a risk that many burglars are not willing to take.

warnings4. Sign indicating the presence of an alarm system

The idea of a resounding alarm in the street and drawing attention to his crime will be a sufficient deterrent to the malefactors.

warnings5. The security of your home

A sign or sticker will certainly help prevent break-ins or damage to your property, but it is not a substitute for a real security system.

If you are concerned about the safety of your home, contact a specialist to find out which system best suits your family’s needs and budget.

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