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What is a website audit and how can it help with SEO?

SEO or Search Engine Optimisation should always be carried out by a professional SEO Consultant Dublin way such as or an agency local to you. There are lots of aspects to SEO and it is important that these are carried out in the right way.

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A website audit is essentially an in depth analysis of your website that evaluates its performance and looks to identify any areas where it can be improved upon as well as highlighting any issues that may have a detrimental impact on SEO. There are a number of aspects that are involved in a website audit that include technical elements, the quality of the content, on-page factors, the experience of the user and of course a backlink profile.

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It is important that any website suit identifies technical issues that may occur with a site. This is because these types of issues can affect the visibility and crawlability of a website. These types of issues can include broken links, duplicate content, slow page load page, missing meta tags and poor or lack of mobile optimisation.

An audit can also evaluate how well your website is optimised for keywords and whether your site will rank for the keywords that you want to be found for. This will include searching for keywords in the titles, headers and content as well as looking at your URLstructure and meta tag optimisation.

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