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Why it is important to follow employment law

Employment Law was established to protect employees and employers from various forms of legal action. The parameters in employment will be used when looking at whether to file in favour of an employee in a Constructive Dismissal claim that might be processed by a company like Employment Law Friend or used by an employer to lawfully remove a member of staff who has broken regulations within the contract of employment such as consuming alcohol whilst at work.

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Employment Law in the UK is made up of lots of different rules and regulations and there are so many that it can be daunting to keep up with them all. There are regulations surrounding dismissal, discrimination, pay and holiday allowance, maternity and paternity leave as well as equality and diversity and adjustments that may be necessary for employees with a number of different disabilities. There are also legislations around grievances, disciplinaries and whistleblowers that you need to ensure that you have in place as an employer.

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It is important that you ensure that the working environment that you provide for your employees and the work that you ask them to complete falls on the right side of these legislations as well the conditions that you ask them to work in such as the number of hours, days off and holiday entitlement that you give them.

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