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What can we use copper for?

We have been able to harness most of the metals in the world, and one of the best of them is copper. Copper is a naturally occurring metal that is easy to recover from mines. When it is taken out of the rock, it is easy to smelt, unlike other metals. It was one of the first that we used to make tools and weapons. We also learned to mix it with Tin to make bronze. We don’t talk of the Copper Age, but perhaps we should. It bridges the gap between the Stone Neolithic and the Bronze and Iron Age that comes later.

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Whilst we don’t use copper to make weapons anymore, we still use them for beneficial jobs around the home. Pipes and wiring are still generally made using copper. The metal is excellent at conducting heat and electricity. You’ll still see Copper Pipe Fittings like those from Watkins & Powis.

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One of the best modern uses for copper is that of cooking utensils. A Copper kettle was one of the most prized possessions a home could own. However, we still use the copper-bottomed or even whole copper plated frying pans and saucepans. One of the best reasons we still use copper for is that it is less likely to rust than other metal types.  We’ve also found that copper can help in the use of sustainable energy production.

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