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What Are The Differences Between a Campervan and a Motorhome?

If you are a newcomer to this marketplace, you may not know what separates a campervan from a motorhome. Here is a handy guide to the defining features of each type of vehicle to make buying one simpler.

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Small and Flexible

is typically based on an existing van model, adapted from its commercial underpinnings to make it a perfect place to sleep, eat and store luggage and other equipment you may need for your trip.

A campervan is like a motorhome in that it is a self-contained vehicle with its own engine and cab, but on a much smaller scale. The size restrictions also mean that there will not be much distinction between the living and sleeping space, requiring alterations as you switch from day to night to accommodate occupants.

There are some pseudo-campers emerging at the moment, including the adapted X-Class pickup truck from Mercedes-Benz which features a bolted-on compartment covering the load bed. But the majority are founded on a fully fledged van, such as the VW Transporter.

In terms of cost, this type of vehicle is the cheaper of the two, with companies like Welsh Coast Campers offering inexpensive models for people with limited budgets. Buying online with Welsh Coast Campers and other reputable retailers takes the hassle out of van conversions.

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Large and Luxurious

A motorhome is more like a bus or a coach than a van, which means you not only get more space but may also need to pass additional tests to ensure that you are legally allowed to drive one.

If you want multiple sleeping compartments that are separate from one another, as well as a place to shower and use the loo in peace, then this will be the better option for you. Although with a steeper upfront price to pay and plenty of other aspects to consider, a motorhome is not for everyone.

The size is a drawback when it comes to manoeuvrability, and not all sites will accept vehicles of this size. You will also need plenty of room to store a motorhome when it is not in use, so if you do not have a huge driveway or some other off-road area to park it, think twice before you buy.

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