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Untangling three common haircare myths

Hair is the ultimate accessory, so it’s important that it looks great. Looking after your crowning glory is essential, and there are ways to get the most out of this natural asset and ensure it always looks shiny. Myths persist about how to make hair look its best, and here are the main (or mane) ones.

Untangling three common haircare myths

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The basics

First of all, it’s not always necessary to wash your hair daily. In fact, if it tends to be dry, too much washing could make it drier. Even oily hair may calm down with less washing, as excessive washing can overstimulate the oil glands that produce sebum. Some people also think hair can be self cleaning, if you leave it alone. However, sebum combed through hair will not look quite as glossy as well conditioned and shampooed hair. Hair itself is a form of dead protein, but the follicles that produce it are definitely alive. Hair is a fascinating subject and to learn more, see this report from the BBC.

Care and protection

Many women worry that blow drying or curling tongs can dry hair out. Obviously, how hot the tools are and their length of use need to be monitored. Sensible hair care that includes good quality shampoo and conditioner should help protect hair.

Shampoo can also make your hair seem shinier and thicker, by changing the way individual hairs relate to each other. A shampoo creates volume by separating the strands or coating them with a thickening agent, whereas for silkiness, the hair will lie closely in parallel. The right type of shampoo for the look you want is important, so it’s a good idea to examine quality products, such as To give hair a lift with essential oils, Rene Furterer Forticea stimulating shampoo should do the trick.

Getting older

It is rare that anyone wants to go grey. Some people don’t go grey, but most of us do eventually. Greyness will depend on the type of hair you have, but factors such as stress and smoking can play a role. For men, baldness is often the main concern, and there are complex genetics involved on the female and male side. As for halting baldness, two drugs have been approved in the US, Finasteride and Minoxidil, but they need to be taken when men still have hair.

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