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The Top 5 Colours for a Very Soothing Bedroom

The bedroom is your relaxation station. This is your refuge for tranquillity and must promote calming sensations. One of the best ways to achieve a comfortable and calm atmosphere in your room is through the use of colour. Not just any colour. You will want to choose cool colours. These colours are known to reduce stress and anxiety, increase relaxation, and even make your space look wider.

To help you, here are the top colours for a very soothing bedroom space. Say goodbye to stressy and fussy décor and hello to a soothing paradise.

  1. Lavender

Lavender is the perfect purple, because it still holds a graceful presence, but does not overwhelm the room. Purple is said to be a colour that reduces stress, and while deeper purple can often be intense on your wall, muted lavender makes everything calm and cool.

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  1. Soft grey

Just a touch of grey on the walls of your room can provide a very soothing atmosphere. Keep it soft and smooth so it’s not too dramatic or pressing. The best part? As a neutral colour, it works well with all the furniture you have today. You can use grey to work well with your choice of fitted wardrobes, whether they are neutral or contain a pop of colour. For a wide range of Fitted Wardrobes Hampshire, visit

  1. Pale Blue

According to most studies and surveys, the nuances of blue are best for enhancing calming feelings. It is known to decrease the heart rate and lower blood pressure, which is very suitable for places intended and designed for relaxation. Try to find a pale blue that mimics the colour of the sky on a beautifully sunny day. It’s best to avoid the baby pastel blue so that your room doesn’t resemble a baby’s room.

  1. Soft Green

Green is a good colour for your bedroom, because it has a warm and cold element. Plus, there are many different shades to choose from. The best is a green whisper that is barely there in a neutral room. As the colour of the natural world, green walls will give you a feeling of calm and satisfaction.

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  1. Dark Blue

The deep blues work well to evoke a feeling of wisdom and a calming vibration. It’s a very rich hue, so to prevent things from getting too intense, mix with contrasting colours instead of covering the entire room.

Colour has the ability to send vibrations to your body, making you feel refreshed and reborn. This is the feeling you want when you wake and rise from your bed in the morning. And nothing says ‘chill out’ like one of these cooling colours. Consider increasing the peace by using the walls of your room and painting them with one of these colours to see how your sleep patterns improve.

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