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Supporting disabled employees in the workplace

Employers have a duty of care to ensure that all of their employees are protected against discrimination both from the company in terms of its policies and procedures as well as from discrimination, harassment and bullying from other employees. When employees feel that they are being unfairly treated they can feel that their jobs are no longer tenable. This can then lead to a Constructive Dismissal Claim being filed against the company, through a company such as

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Long-term mental and physical impairments are protected characteristics under the Equality Act and it is important that companies do all they can to support staff who may need reasonable adjustments to be made so that they can carry out their jobs successfully and to the best of their ability.

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For decades the focus on employment and disability was about what the person could not do as opposed to what they could do. This is now changing and not from the point of view that there is a drive to get disabled people off of benefits and into work. The mental health benefits for a disabled person contributing to society have been consistently proven. It gives a tremendous sense of self-worth and for the employer, they get someone who is driven to work well and to succeed.

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