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Removing the stress from a lab relocation

Relocating a laboratory is a great deal of work and when the time comes, it can cause a lot of stress in the workplace. A relocation could mean moving a complete lab to the other side of the world or simply moving a piece of equipment to a new site across the road! To prevent the move interfering with vital work, it’s important to make the process as smooth as possible. One of the ways to achieve this is by using a bespoke relocating service.

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Using a bespoke service means that solutions can be tailored to your exact requirements rather than adopting a one size fits all package. Consultations can discuss timetables, specific needs, equipment requirements so that a detailed plan can be drawn up.

The beneficial thing about a bespoke service is that you will have a named point of contact to deal with who will know about your plan and needs in depth. Experienced project managers help to ensure that all legal regulations and safety requirements are adhered to and that equipment is kept well protected until it can be calibrated. For help and advice with Lab Relocation Services, go to

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A specialist moving service will also have extensive knowledge of delicate lab machinery and equipment and how to handle it. They also understand the factors that could cause delays or problems and put in contingency measures to ensure things run smoothly.

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