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How to be more independent as a wheelchair user

The amount of people using a wheelchair is increasing. This is not to say that more of us are becoming disabled but as we progress into becoming a more aged society. The increase in this ageing population means that mobility aids have become more and more relevant. This rise has meant that we need to have a more significant focus on how to make life easier for those of us that find we need to use a mobility aid, in particular the wheelchair. Here are some ideas that might make things a bit easier.

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  1. Wheelchair use lessons. Using a wheelchair requires a degree of skill. It makes sense to make the most of the chair, and these lessons will help you maintain balance and to get the chair around some of the more challenging aspects.
  2. Don’t give up on what you love. There is now an extensive range of recreational activities that can be enjoyed in a wheelchair. Long walks may not be possible, but they can still be enjoyed to some degree by using wheelchair friendly tracks in woods and parks.
  3. Staying positive. It’s easier said than done, but it’s a proven fact that recovery and acceptance can be sped up considerably when you have a positive attitude.

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  1. Change your home. You might need to review where you live. Ramps and access points might be required in some cases. There may even be the requirement for widening the doorways.

Looking at WAV Vehicles, cars that can transport chairs and be driven by users, are a great way of gaining independence. Use to get an idea.

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