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How does towing affect my insurance?

When it comes to insurance, it’s always wise to read the small print even though it’s incredibly tedious. There are some actions that will limit the extent of your coverage, so before you do anything like towing a trailer, it’s always best to check that you’re covered.

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A fully comprehensive policy doesn’t always mean that you are covered to tow. Although you might still be covered, you might find that the amount you could be entitled to in the event of an accident will be lower. Some policies offer third party cover but this won’t cover any damage to your trailer and its contents if an accident is deemed to be your fault.

If you are involved in an accident and it is your fault, the cost of replacing the trailer and its contents could prove very costly indeed. One solution is to consider a standalone policy for covering trailers and caravans and this will include the towable in any potential claims. This type of cover is not compulsory like car insurance but will provide peace of mind when towing valuable items. For replacement Trailer Parts, go to Auto and Trailer, suppliers of a range of Trailer Parts.

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In terms of insuring your towing vehicle, it’s important to let the insurance company know about any modifications that have been done to the vehicle. If the vehicle wasn’t manufactured with a towbar but you have fitted one, this is classed as a modification. This might raise the premium as there is considered more of a risk when towing and a higher chance of theft if transporting valuable items.

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