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History of the camera

Capturing an image of a beautiful landscape, a loved one or a celebratory scene is something that humans have always strived to achieve. You only have to wander the National Gallery in Trafalgar Square in London to see that the desire to record the world around us has ever been strong. It is evident on the walls of the caves in Lascaux and in the illustrations of the bible and koran. However, not all of us have the ability to draw, paint and sketch to the required level of skill and detail that we would want. How can we share in this skill? The answer is the Camera.

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Fox Talbot is the man to thank. He was envious of his wifes skill with a pen, pencil and brush. He was using a light box that would allow the user to draw a scene but it was unfulfilling and did not give a complete image. If the image could be presented onto the paper to trace, through light, why could the image itself not be captured on the paper?

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Using a combination of paper and chemicals Fox Talbot was able to record an image of his window at Lacock Abbey, his home. The first portable camera was born, one can only image that he never thought it would be used in Drone Filming like that from

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