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The complex world of Farming, regarding Management and Nutrient Planning.

When you think about the world of farming you probably picture a herd of black and white cows grazing contentedly in a lush green field while a flock of shaggy, white sheep and their baby lambs frolic happily in the sunshine.  The hardworking farmer whistling his faithful sheepdog to come to heel and then sending him off to fetch in the one lost sheep. Keeping his animals healthy and his crops growing steadily, farmers these days have to think seriously about Nutrient Management Planning. This is the much more complex side of farming.  There have been stringent rules in place for over twenty years that affect about 58% of English farmland that regulate the amount of Nitrate and contaminates in the soil.

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In 2018 a new even more stringent set of rules and regulations were put in place, known as “Farming Rules”, they specified a new Direction and Prevention for Agricultural Diffuse Pollution.  Farmers were now expected to have a detailed plan in place to show what they were doing, when they were doing it and why.  To qualify for all of the grants and subsidies available, farmers had to prove complete compliance regarding Nutrient Planning.

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They had to be totally transparent regarding soil analysis, manure and fertiliser applications, nutrient management planning and provide inspectors with field risk maps to prove they had no more than 250 kg of Nitrogen in their soil by allowing samples to be taken.

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