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Staying Warm and Looking Cool

Christmas jumpers have become very popular in recent years with people even making their own with Knitting Kits For Beginners. What started out as some festive fun is now a chance to look cheesy while raising money for charity. The annual Christmas Jumper Day, organised by Save the Children, allows you to do both. Jumpers were once considered a fashion faux pas, or something your Nan might have knitted in the 1970s. Now they’re everywhere and you are nothing if you don’t own one!

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If you want to go full reindeer, you can add reindeer decorations to your jumper complete with antlers and a foam red nose. You can also find small and adorable Christmas jumpers for your four legged friends during the holiday season. Who can resist a dog in a sweater?

You can always wear a rude Christmas jumper if you want to not take yourself so seriously. You get the idea – like two Christmas puddings with cherries on top. Make sure your mother-in-law won’t get offended. However, turkeys, tinsels and tantrums is what a wonderful family Christmas is all about.

There are also lovable polar-bears and cute penguins for the children. Santa Claus is always a favourite. There are also some stylish Argyle designs for those who prefer a more traditional Christmas. These add a touch of sophistication and class to the entire Christmas jumper trend. Or why not knit your own? For Knitting Kits For Beginners, go to Stitch & Story.

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Even 3D jumpers are available with carrots sticking out (this time in the right place) and pom-poms for noses. Jumpers with slogans from TV shows, films and video games are also available and growing in popularity. This way, you can support your favourite charity while still wearing the jumper of your choice.

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