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5 Reasons to Prefer Men’s Fashion Week

From the backstage to the front row, what really changes during Men’s Fashion Week? Deciphering the five points that make all the difference as the Parisian parades begin today.

Widespread in the late 2000s, the Fashion Week Man tends to become the highlight of a menswear booming.  The goal is simple:  enable ready-to-wear designers to present calmly and distinctly their collections, away from the tornado female shows.  A targeted approach, therefore, which makes this week of fashion testosterone an event not devoid of specificities.

Of Streetstyle authenticFashion Week

Exit the “fashion circus ” surrounding the female shows:  guests of the Fashion Week Men seem less dressed to get Instagram that to show their true style, cell- it is generally composed of their own wardrobe and not of readymade by the brands in exchange for well-known visibility.  A refreshing spontaneity that we would like to find during the traditional fashion weeks.

Fashion week manFashion Week

While ready-to-wear is becoming increasingly pragmatic, the collections presented at the Fashion Week Men sometimes tend to fall into excessive eccentricity.  Of course, fashion is an applied art to let run free expression creative but we really wonder what supposed boy would bear outfits Rick Owens or the looks of boxer seam of Sibling? An effect Zoolander in a way that, in the extreme, discredits more than it serves the collections presented but do not fail to give a dose of levity in an industry that has (too) tend to take seriously.


Heterogeneous castingsFashion Week

If the female shows are often pointed to recruit only young models white and slender, those of the Fashion Week Men seem more respectful of diversity, be it in terms of ethnicity, age or gender.  A model 54 years treading the podium was thus able to see Public School or young women wander in apparel such as at Burberry.  A refusal to conform to the conformism of the luxury industry in short, whose casting directors of the “women” shows should take a little more inspiration.

A relaxed atmosphereFashion Week

All editors, journalists and buyers around the world will tell that:

The Fashion Week man is cooler. And for good reason, much fewer shows are scheduled during this week allowing everyone to enjoy a show without thinking about the itinerary or the delay that it will have to the next. But most importantly, this more “light” calendar makes the understanding of trends driven by creators easier. A happiness therefore for those who often live very badly the marathon of Fashion Week woman, each of them condensing a hundred parades.

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The forehead rows incognitoFashion Week

When looking at the forefront of male parades, something we immediately obvious:  it is strictly recognizing a person.  This “anonymous” front row reminds us that Fashion Weeks are primarily events dedicated to fashion professionals and not to a privileged social elite, from Rihanna to Chiara Firangi successful yet, every year, to get the best seats Women’s parades.

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