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The Right Tree for your garden

Trees are essential to enable life on Earth to thrive. They provide us with oxygen, building materials for our homes and for wildlife trees also provide food and shelter. The UK in ancient times was entirely covered in forest, however nowadays much of that has been stripped away to use the land for building or agriculture.

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In order to reduce the impact of climate change trees are essential. Native trees are the best type to grow if you are going to have a tree in your garden, as they are well adapted to the British climate and the most beneficial to the wildlife in the area.

Choosing the right tree to plant in your garden is something to consider, as there are a wide variety of trees and you need to ensure that the tree you choose is suitable. For a smaller garden, Rowan or a shrub like Hawthorn is ideal, whereas if you have the space, larger trees like Oak and Beech are stunning.

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Of course, a tree takes a while to grow, and in the first few years it is much more vulnerable to things like predators, as well as disease. If you want a tree that is near enough the full size already however, you can get one from somewhere like this that has mature trees for sale.

As well as looking beautiful straight away, it is also a good way to ensure the health of your tree as you don’t have to worry about it whilst it is small.

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