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How to liven up a garage door

  1. Wooden Rustic Accents

Wood garage doors make a beautiful accent for modern homes or homes with more traditional designs. Wood is a natural product that offers a wide range of colours and grains.

When shopping for garage doors, keep in mind that wood doors require more maintenance and are more costly than other types.

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  1. Steel: A Statement Maker

Steel is one the most popular garage door materials because it’s durable, low maintenance, comes in many sizes and colours and is the most cost effective.

There are some drawbacks to steel doors. Steel doors are heavy, requiring a more powerful motor to lift. This can lead to issues such as broken garage door chains or burned-out motors. For Garage Doors Bristol, visit

  1. Add flair with Aluminium

If you’re looking for the strength of steel garage doors without the extra weight, aluminium is the best choice. Aluminium is also low maintenance. Aluminium garage doors can rust if you live near the sea. They are also prone to denting, which is not true of steel. Aluminium is not a good insulator on its own, but it can be insulated if necessary.

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  1. Wood Composites

Wood composite garage doors are the best option if you want a material that looks like wood, but is lighter and easier to maintain.

The material comes in a variety of colours and styles. It is also more affordable and has better insulation than wood. Remember to look at the type of material you choose, because some lower-cost composites may not last as well.

  1. Fibreglass can give your home a new look

Fibreglass is the best choice if you want the lightest garage door possible. It is a material that offers both strength and resistance to water. It also won’t warp like other materials.

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