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Hot Carpet Trends for 2024

If you are looking to refresh an interior space, flooring can have the biggest impact on the feel and aesthetic appeal of a room.

Carpet is a fantastic choice of flooring because it can soften a room, adding a luxurious and sumptuous feel. It’s also a good way to make a room feel warmer. The consumer group Which? says that carpet flooring is one of the best ways to warm a room, especially when combined with underfloor insulation. Carpet also feels warmer underfoot than stone, wooden or lino flooring.

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The downside to carpet is that a good-quality one can come at a higher upfront cost, but many carpet providers, such as, provide financing options, including for pay weekly carpets. But before you take the plunge, what are the key trends for carpet flooring in 2024?

Earth Tones

A soft terracotta, soft grey, olive, tan, sandy-beige or caramel brown is a fantastic backdrop for most interior design schemes and sets off wooden furniture well. Natural light interiors with earthy warmth is a key trend for 2024, and we predict it will appear all over Instagram.

Natural Textured Materials

Continuing the earthy trend, textured carpets made out of natural materials add a rustic feel and depth to any home. The use of natural materials such as wool, coir and jute is also sustainable and avoids bringing micro-plastics into the home from the use of man-made materials. Stone, beige and sand colours are always a winner and will age well.

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Lower Ply

While shag carpets are a thing of the past anyway, modern carpet trends are continuing towards a minimalist feel with Berber-loop-style weaves as opposed to a rich plush. These carpets are hard wearing and easy to clean.

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