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How to care for the trees in your garden

It is an amazing experience to plant a tree that will last for many years. Nature’s beauty is watching the tree grow into an adult tree from a sapling. To get the most out of your tree, and to ensure that it lives to its full life span healthily, you will need to show it some tender love. You can take care of your tree yourself, but if it needs more complicated maintenance like cutting or you feel that the tree has become sickly then you should contact a professional tree surgeon. They can provide advice and help with many tree-related issues.

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Here are some ideas on how to keep your tree healthy and growing:

If you’ve just planted a sapling (a newly-planted tree is a tree planted in the past three years), it needs to be watered regularly and checked for bugs. For Semi Mature Trees, visit

In the early stages, it is important to do everything you can to help your tree grow. It is important to adhere to any instructions you received after buying the tree. A new tree may need up 114 litres per week, depending on the soil type and species. You can use water efficiently to avoid wasting it. You can use a slow-release hose to drip water at the base of your tree for about 30 minutes a day, or a bucket with holes that releases slowly over a period of time.

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Mulch at the base can help control weeds naturally by preventing them from growing through the mulch. It is important to leave a minimum of three inches between the beginning of the mulch and tree trunk. This will prevent the tree trunk from becoming permanently wet.

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