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The long lasting career of Bruce Willis

There was sad news this year when the eighth highest-grossing actor in Hollywood was forced into retirement. Bruce Willis has been diagnosed with aphasia, a condition that affects memory, making it impossible to recall lines that he is required to learn. At 67 it is probably a few years earlier than he, and his fans would have liked.

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Willis is remembered for many stellar roles in a glittering career. The first of these was David Addison in the television series Moonlighting. This role was to make his name in Hollywood and get him the part that would establish him in the history of Cinema. He landed the part of John Mclane in the Die Hard series. This would be for 5 films, although that was not thought to be the case at the time. Helped by a great performance from Alan Rickman and Hans Gruber it was the big film break he needed. All of the Die Hard films feature elaborate plans to steal gold or money. How the criminals were supposed to get past AML IDENTITY CHECK systems, like those provided by w2globaldata is never explained.

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Other notable roles include Butch in Pulp Fiction, the first time he was to feature a completely bald head. There was a notable cameo in Friends, proving that comedic acting was still in his repertoire and even some successful singles and albums as his alter ego Bruno.

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