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Most viewed programs on British TV

The great staple of British entertainment is Television. We’ve become pretty good at making television shows as a nation. When there is a successful one, we either sell the series, show, or its format around the world. What are the most-watched and viewed programmes on British television at the moment?

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For the most part, the most-watched shows are soap operas and event television, like a reality tv show. The two big hitters on British TV that regularly swap places are Eastenders on the BBC and Coronation Street on ITV. Coronation Street has regularly been the most popular since it came on our screens in 1960. It’s the longest-running serial programme, at 61 years, in the world. Eastenders is younger at 36 years, but it has managed to challenge the established show.

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The other examples are Strictly Come Dancing (winner Jill Halfpenny has been in Coronation Street and Eastenders as well). Popstars, The X Factor and Big Brother. The appearance of digital services has seen something of a dent as people can now view when they wish to, or they can shun terrestrial TV entirely. For example, Netflix is able to see immediately what their most-viewed UK programs are. At the time of writing, it is Vikings-Valhalla followed by the docudrama Inventing Anna and Paw Patrol.

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