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Gloucestershire Indian Weddings are Beautiful, flamboyant and colourful

The incredible and vibrant images of a flamboyant, colourful, Indian Wedding in Gloucestershire are an amazing spectacle to behold.  The hundreds of guests at these weddings usually consist of generations of family and friends from all over the world.  Once they have arrived in their colourful and beautiful outfits and the lavish ceremony begins, the bride and groom are often bedecked with garlands of flowers.  To ensure their very special day is captured professionally on film these Indian Brides and Grooms use a local, specialist photographer such as because he’s an experienced, reputable, friendly Indian Wedding Photographer Gloucester. There are often singers and dancers entertaining the guests, usually consisting of family and friends.

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There are three main events in a traditional Indian Wedding that last over a period of three days, first is the Mehendi which is the Henna ceremony.  Only close female relatives and friends attend this part of the wedding where colourful and intricate patterns are drawn on the Bride’s hands and feet. The following day is for the Sangeet which is the time for all the music and entertainment and enjoying food together.

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The third day is the wedding ceremony itself; the groom arrives at the venue and is welcomed by the bride’s family; this is when they exchange flower garlands.  The priest conducts the wedding under a Mandap, (Canopy) with four pillars.  After the chanting and religious ceremony is completed, the couple walk around a central fire and promise to support each other for life.

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