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What is the future of the office?

The office has evolved from rows of cubicles to a more modern environment that encourages employees to perform at their best. A happy staff will result in greater productivity, and hopefully fewer days of sickness.

Some companies have aquariums, indoor slides, and even massage rooms. In some offices, staff can fill empty rooms with anything they like. In most, you’ll find games and tables for football. Some progressive businesses have music rooms with instruments and pets accompanying the staff.

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In the digital age, we can work anywhere and anytime. We can do it at home or in a coffee shop. Companies are trying to make their office as appealing as possible. Many employees use the office as a place to meet, collaborate and touch base.

The office of tomorrow could be very exciting. Offices will be controlled by the internet and have smart lighting, heating, and sensors that can detect how much each of these is needed based on the number of people in the building. Some features will always be important, like Water Coolers Wales. For a range of Water Coolers Wales, visit Water For You.

In the future, offices may be designed to incorporate more nature. This could mean having constant temperatures and natural light in order to prevent mould and dust buildup.

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Future office buildings will be even more environmentally friendly. Buildings do not need air conditioning, but can use a geothermal system that uses constant temperatures underground. By-products can be used to make wood-fibre blocks, which are better for the environment. Warm water can be pumped into the system during winter, and cold in the summer. In the future, reducing carbon footprints and using renewable energy sources will be important. Commercial sites currently account for 40% or the Earth’s electricity consumption.

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