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What are cash flow statements?

Cash flow statements are reports that are used by Swindon Accountants as well as business owners and stakeholders in business that are looking for an overview of the current cash position of a given business. Chippendale and Clark Accountants in Swindon for example will use these as a way to monitor their client’s financial position as well as provide important information that will highlight income and expenditure that are due.

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These statements are often used in addition to other documents such as profit and loss reports as they give more detailed information about where the income comes from and where the expenditure and bills go. It gives you an indication as to whether it is taking a long time for your income to come in and then gives you the opportunity to put policies and procedures in place to rectify this.

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It also helps to highlight what money you are spending so you can look to see whether there are savings that you could be making and if it is worth looking at switching your suppliers and your utility providers etc. This can be particularly beneficial to those people who are buying items or products for manufacture or sale. By carefully monitoring your cash flow statement you will be able to see whether these costs are increasing. This would then give you the information you need to see whether to switch suppliers or to assess whether the product is priced correctly for you to make a comfortable profit.

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