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The MOT and your trailer

The MOT is an annual test that all of the UK’s car, van, motorcycle, scooter and lorry fleet has to adhere to. It’s a very sensible measure as it ensures that all of the vehicles on the road are worthy of being there. Tyres, lights, brakes and emissions are just some of the things the test looks at. A common fail, for example, is not having your water reservoir filled with the screen wash or even a light bulb not in place on the rear number plate.

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This might seem to be over the top and newly built cars are exempt for a number of years before they are due to take the MOT.  However, it can easily be seen that the MOT is a great way of ensuring that road safety is maintained and that accidents are reduced. This was definitely the thinking when the MOT was introduced in 1960. As the amount of vans and cars increased it seemed clear that a test was required.

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The MOT is not just limited to motor vehicles.  If you are going to be towing any kind of trailer this also needs to be inspected. Luckily, Trailer Parts from Auto and Trailer Can be contacted and provide you with all of the spare parts that you need to make sure that your trailer is safe to be used on the road.  plenty of accidents can be caused by faulty trailer issues.

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