Protect Your Brain from Dementia by having a Good Night’s Sleep

To some people who have all the time to relax and sleep the whole night, they get the benefits sleeping gives to the brain. But to some people who have a very tight schedule at work and in other activities, getting enough sleep is really a luxury already. You may also like to read more so please visit

protect-your-brain-from-dementia-by-having-a-good-nights-sleepLack of sleep makes the mind out of focus the next day. But more than that, getting a good night sleep gives the body, soul, and mind many opportunities for health and wellness. By having the chance to sleep, the body becomes relaxed thus reducing stress and fatigue. This is the time also for the brain to release hormones that are essential to the repair of the damaged cells in the nervous system and in the brain.

Another benefit associated with the complete time of sleep is the protection of the brain against diseases like Alzheimer’s disease and dementia. Based on studies, it was noted how lack of sleep results to brain damages. This was explained as when the cerebrospinal fluid flow increases during sleep, toxins are being flushed out. The amyloid beta-protein is the toxin that builds up as plaque and affects the brain leading to dementia or memory loss. By getting enough sleep at night, the said toxins would be released away from the brain.

It is indeed important that the brain rests at night for it to have time in the development process, regeneration process, and hormonal stimulation process because the brain can not do these during the day while it is in function. If you think you are not getting enough sleep at night, you should be aware that you are at a higher chance of having dementia. There are some methods that may help you have a good night sleep each night.

Exercise – Keeping a regular exercise habit in the morning will stimulate the body to sleep deeply and completely at night.

Avoid Caffeine – Taking coffee in the morning may be tolerated and avoiding coffee intake after lunch and during the whole afternoon is the right way to encourage the body and brain to rest at night.

Keep Healthy Diet – Taking the right food complete in vitamins and minerals will stimulate the body to be in the right body clock and put the senses to lie down and rest when it is already night.

Comfortable Bedroom – Keep your room cool, clean, and comfortable enough so your rest time will be relaxing.

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