Record Breaking Chandeliers

If you’re thinking about embellishing your home with some dazzling new lighting then you might be looking at the different types of chandeliers available. A classic chandelier is sure to put the ‘wow’ factor into any room of the house. Here are some of the most impressive that managed to get into the Guinness Book of World Records:

Biggest Outdoor Chandelier

This impressive light display can be found at the Carnival Magic Theme Park in Thailand. It is just over 38 feet in length and 31 feet in diameter. It weighs a whopping 753kg and set the world record in February 2020.

Biggest Supported Glass Structure

The largest supported glass structure in the world was made in the UK but installed in the Bellagio Hotel in Las Vegas. It was installed in October 1998 and measures 20m by 9m. It lights up the ceiling in an incredible eye-catching display of glass flowers and shapes.

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Biggest Floral Chandelier

The National Parks Board of Singapore designed a flower chandelier of 55 feet in length by 33 feet in width and 26 feet in height to be displayed in the Marina Square Atrium. It was constructed to mark the Singapore Garden Festival and contained over 60,000 flowers when completed by a team of volunteers and students. To choose your own pendant lighting, go to a site like

Largest Number of Lights in a Chandelier

The Reflective Flow chandelier weighs 18,000kg and contains 165,000 LED lights. It was installed in a building in Doha, Qatar in 2010. It took 2 years to finish and measures a whopping 126 feet in length.

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