Want a unique wedding? Here are some inspiring ideas

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Having a unique wedding can be great fun for everyone. It is a fantastic way for the bride and groom to really show their personalities through this special day. Unique weddings can also save you a lot of money, as they often rely on the resources and imagination of the bride and groom to execute the planning and preparation. Here are a few ideas that will help make your wedding unique, making it a day to remember for you and your guests.

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Book-Themed Weddings

For those that are mad about books, you could incorporate the theme into your wedding. For a Harry Potter wedding, ride on a ‘train’ to get to the destination and decorate the tables with magical items relating to the book. Why not seat people according to the sorting hat? This will avoid problems when arranging the seating and encourage your guests to mix.

Party Bags

If you are having a traditional wedding, you could make it unique by creating party bags for your guests that contain items personal to you and other little luxuries such as champagne and chocolates. This is something lovely to leave with at the end of a special day.

School Theme

Did you and your fiancé meet at school? Are many of your guests school friends? Why not have a school-themed wedding with school buses escorting people to your wedding reception at somewhere such as www.thespeechhouse.co.uk? Design personalised wedding invitations with photos of your guests from when you were at school. You might not want to make the wedding food too realistic, though.

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Festive Weddings

If you love Christmas, why not get married around this time? Table decorations will be easy to manage, and you can get everyone involved, from singing Christmas carols to inviting Santa round for the younger guests. Imagine how beautiful a festive Gloucestershire wedding hotel venue would be.

Zombie-Themed Weddings

Are you a fan of zombies? Why not invite your loved ones to join in the fun and dress as a zombie? It will certainly save money on the wedding attire. You can arrange the catering to reflect this by having lots of ‘bloody’ food on the table. This is a great option for those planning on getting married around Halloween. Fancy dress is also a great option at this time of year.

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