Make Windows 10 faster and better in 15 steps

Windows 10

It is undeniable: when you start a computer with a brand-new Windows installation, everything goes really fast and smooth. A few months later, however, when everything starts to slow down, you’re a lot less enthusiastic. You do not fancy a completely new Windows installation; there are fortunately a lot less intrusive tweaks that can bring back momentum in your Windows sessions.

Tips for Buying a Laptop


Types of laptops Miniport able Thanks to its screen of 11 or 12 inches, the mini portable is the best in terms of portability. It slips into a case and offers the majority of the features of a larger notebook, with the exception of a CD / DVD drive. It is not recommended for working with spreadsheets, artistic work or for games. These uses require a wider screen and greater processing power.

4 Ways to Make Money Writing on the Internet 


Since the arrival of the Internet earning money writing is no longer reserved only for those who manage to successfully publish and sell a book or work as editors in a newspaper or magazine, but something that anyone with a computer and an Internet connection can do .

The ZTE ZXV10 B860H is the bet of Chinese manufacturer in the world of set-top-box Android 4K

The ZTE zxv10

A few days ago we told you what was the Xiaomi bet on in the world of Set-Top-Box now time to talk about ZTE. The Chinese company has seen a good reef in this market, some gadgets that can turn any smart TV market, always yes, it is compatible. So the company is preparing to launch 4K TV tuner with Android, you can see the light at the Broadband World Forum in London. For now there are too many details, but we know that this Set-Top-Box will use Android’s own TV applications and is compatible with standard high – definition TV.

The Ultimaker 3 is a 3D printer that allows simultaneous use of two materials in our creations

The Ultimaker 3

One trend in recent years is which refers to the use of 3D printers. The first time I had contact with them was 4 years in the booth of Nokia at MWC in Barcelona. A model exposed there used to create shells for their mobile and since then much has happened and much has changed. The latest printer of its kind to hit the market was the 3D printer Ultimaker 3, a printer type open source from a manufacturer that has a very good reputation in this regard. A 3D…