What are the various methods used to measure test coverage?

All software needs to be properly tested before it gets released for use, but how can you be sure that your testing is sufficiently thorough to ensure that the application is up to the job?


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Testing needs to cover all of the functions of the application, even the ones that are likely to be less frequently used. It also needs to take account of thorough re-testing after bugs have been identified. This means re-testing the whole program and not just tests of the areas that have been fixed.

Measuring Test Coverage

There are many reasons why software fails, and the object of testing is to eliminate as many of these as possible – ideally all of them. This means software testing services need to approach the task in a number of ways.

Firstly, all the software’s features need to be covered, including start-up and shutdown of the program. Each part of the user interface, icons, buttons and menu links needs to be checked on each screen of the application, as do any sections that require text entry.

Testers like https://www.bugfinders.com can use tools to build tests so that they’re repeatable and can be re-run over the same code after bugs have been fixed. This ensures that the software can be tested against measurable goals, and you can see progress as the testing advances.

Code Testing

As well as testing the functions of the application, it’s important to address the code too. Testers need to look at the structure of the program, including statements, decisions, conditions and so on. They need to ensure redundant code isn’t left in and also that code which is infrequently used gets checked too. In addition, it’s important to check all of the paths through the program that a user would take to reach a particular goal.

Increasingly, software is run or accessed from the cloud, so its interfaces need to be tested. This will include web pages, scripts and APIs that allow the application to be accessed and to exchange information safely and securely with other systems.

Ensuring good thorough test coverage means having the testing carried out to a precise specification. The more critical the software is, the more important it is that you ensure proper test coverage in order to minimise the risk of failure when it’s released.

What Patients Should Be Asking Their GP Before Taking Prescribed Opioids

Opioids are painkillers usually prescribed by general practitioners and doctors. While effective at relieving pain, they can also be addictive, with misuse causing serious harm and even death. These powerful drugs drive up the levels of dopamine (feel-good hormone) in your brain, causing euphoria while controlling pain.


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It’s these qualities that can make opioids addictive. Here is a list of questions you should ask your GP before taking prescribed opioids.

Do I Need This Medication?

It’s always a good idea to ask your doctor if there are any alternative medications they can prescribe before agreeing to take opioids. In low doses, opioids are generally safe, although high doses can cause serious side effects. If your doctor determines that opioids are the best medication to provide pain relief, then consider asking further questions.

What Are the Side Effects?

Opioids are a class of drug that includes heroin, morphine and methadone – all incredibly powerful and addictive. It’s best to ask your doctor what side effects you may encounter from taking drugs such as these. Side effects can include breathing and heart problems, drowsiness, sleep disorders, dependence and addiction.

How Long Will I Need to Take the Drug?

Ask your doctor for the lowest dose of opioids possible, and also ask how long you’ll need to take the drug. Ensure your doctor has a plan to taper off and then end the use of the drug to avoid long-term dependency.

Am I at Risk of Becoming Addicted to the Drug?

Explain to your doctor if you have a history of substance misuse and addiction. It is now easier for a doctor or health professional to test whether you have opioids in your system thanks to FDA-approved products. Strips which detect opioids in urine have quickly hit the market thanks, in part, to http://www.fdathirdpartyreview.com. How long does it take to get a FDA 510k approved? Well, accredited independent companies can shorten the time for a product like opioid test strips to hit the market by 100 days.

Can I Get A Drug to Reverse Side Effects of an Overdose?

Ask your doctor if Rx or Naloxone could be prescribed to reverse the effects of an opioid overdose. This drug could be the difference between life and death in extreme cases.

What is the Best Flooring Colour to Achieve Feng Shui in your Home?

Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese philosophical system that harmonises people with the environments around them. The energies of colours and shapes are powerful Feng Shui tools, and they must be considered if you want to improve the Feng Shui in your home.


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The colour of the floor is especially important. According to World Of Feng Shui, flooring breathes life into a room and it also defines how the energy flows through the room.

If you want to create a more peaceful environment in your house, you should spend time carefully choosing the right coloured flooring so that you make the best possible choice. Here are three flooring colour choices that will help you to achieve Feng Shui in your home.


White is known as a metal Feng Shui element colour, so it should only be used if your personal element is either metal or compatible with metal. As metal brings a very specific energy into your home, it is also important to check that your family’s personal elements will work with white.

If so, white is a great flooring option. It often makes rooms look bigger and brighter, helping to bring the light into your home.

Earth Tones

The flooring in your home represents your foundations and it is often associated with the earth element. Because of this, earthy colours make a fantastic colour choice, and there is a large range of tones and colours to choose from, including stone, rust, muted brown and dark brown.

You can look at samples to see which colours harmonize well with colours of your walls and furnishings. Popular materials include tile, cork, stone and vinyl. Vinyl floors are especially popular as they are inexpensive and easy to install. You can find a large range of styles and colours online at websites such as http://www.ukflooringdirect.co.uk/vinyl-flooring.


Mahogany is the colour of the water element, and it can work well in your home if it matches well with your birth element. If you don’t know your birth element, you will be able to find it by searching online.

Mahogany wood flooring is very dramatic and beautiful, but it can be quite expensive. If you have a budget, you can buy mahogany plywood flooring to lower the cost.

Netball: It’s Not Just for Women

For many years netball was only played by girls, but it has seen a resurgence in popularity, both for playing and watching. There is even a campaign to try and get it included as one of the sports in the 2020 Olympic Games in Tokyo. Here we look at the increase in popularity as well as how it is broadening its appeal to those who want to play and how you can get involved.


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In November 2016 England Netball will play Jamaica in a three-match Vitality Series for the first time in four years. They will be starting off at the Copper Box Arena (part of London’s Olympic Park), with the series then moving to Coventry and Manchester. This demonstrates the popularity and appetite for the game among spectators. Added to this is the fact that England Netball have just announced a new TV deal with Sky Sports which aims to bring the sport to a whole new audience.

Encouraging Everyone to Get Involved

While there are a large number of women coming back to netball as a way of getting fit, men are also getting in on the act. The sport is slowly gaining in popularity among men in the UK, and several men’s teams play in various leagues throughout the country. England even have an Indoor Netball Men’s team, so it truly is a sport that is open to all. In other parts of the world such as Australia and New Zealand, it is almost as popular among men as women.

How to Get Involved

Whether you are male or female, the routes to getting involved are the same. The first thing is to try to find a local club. Clubs with men’s and women’s teams are all over the place, so it is worth looking, or if you can’t find one, then maybe get a few friends together and try starting your own team! Wherever you decide to go or whatever you decide to do, there will be training involved, which may mean watching a netball drill video such as those from https://www.sportplan.net/drills/Netball/drills.jsp as well as doing physical training.

This should have given you some insight into what a great sport netball is, whether you are male or female and whether you want to play or prefer to watch. There is plenty going on to suit everyone.

Ultrasound in Detail

Contrary to what a lot of people think, ultrasound exams are not exclusive to pregnant women. Indeed, there are several other reasons when such an exam is required. In this post, we will discuss the reasons why your doctor may prescribe you an ultrasound, which body parts it can analyze and in which cases this procedure is not effective. Continue reading “Ultrasound in Detail”

Female Hair Loss Management Through Laser Therapy

Falling hair may not be a contagious disease but the effects of this to certain individuals can be severe. Depending on the severity of the hair loss, an individual may suffer various emotional and psychological traumas. According to, Schryver, L., on her article “Psychological, professional effects of hair loss require special attention,” she said that a study published in the British Medical Journal noted that alopecia or hair loss caused intense emotional suffering, and leads to personal, social and work-related problems.

Conversely, excessive falling hair lowers self-esteem that can lead to social withdraw and ultimately, depression. The causes of falling hair can be genetics. This can be traced back to the family roots. In other words, hair loss can be hereditary, which means even during teen-age years, there could be evidence of hair loss already. Although some women may experience hair loss during the pre-menopausal state up to age 60s, other may experience it earlier. Stress can also be one of the factors of falling hair; unhealthy lifestyle and exposure to strong hair chemicals can also be contributing factors of hair loss.


Fortunately, today, there are modern modalities on the hair-loss management. The most popular of which is the laser therapy for treating falling hair. This form of treatment is a non-surgical and non-invasive treatment option for falling hair. It is painless and chemical free as well. The low-light laser therapy for falling hair is the latest options for people with the hair-loss problem that needs to be restored as soon as possible.

While there are other options of treating hair loss, like the chemical based hair treatment which are still popularly used by dermatologists, the laser therapy is beginning to gain more attention as the result is faster than the chemical based treatment options.

The laser treatment in general has been utilized by a dermatologist to manage skin problems and today, this treatment option is also proven to have revitalized the damaged hair cell though the laser beam. The laser emits light that can penetrate the scalp unto to the hair roots and with this; it directly boosts the hair roots and scalp.

Further, as the laser continues to stimulate the scalp through its emitted light, the blood circulation is also increased and improved in the scalp area. When the scalp is nourished and moist, the environment makes it very conducive to hair growth. When the scalp is dry and itchy what comes next is falling hair. However, with the laser therapy, the scalp is directly invigorated fostering hair growth.

For an individual suffering from hair loss, talking to a dermatologist is the practical option before commencing with laser treatment for hair loss. For more reviews visit http://phase-2.org/.