Record-Breaking Plants

Here in the UK, we love our gardens. Did you know that across the world, there are over 3 million different species of plants? Whilst we don’t have that many in our average British garden, we still see a dizzying array of blooms and trees, some native and some exotic. Have you wondered about world […]

Desktops Versus Laptop Computers

New advances in technology have given humanity computing power beyond our wildest dreams. We are living through the sprouting of technologies like Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality, which tie into one another and infuse to provide us with the most powerful virtual experiences. Computer tech keeps advancing rapidly and it’s difficult to keep up with […]

Why You Need a Letting Agent

There was a time when you could rent your property with no hassle. Times have changed, and legislation means that private landlords are now seeking letting agents to rent and manage their properties. Image Credit Changing Times There has been new legislation for private landlords stating they must be licensed to rent their properties to […]

What is landlord insurance?

Landlords find themselves in the middle of a number of risks and liabilities. Landlord insurance seeks to protect them as far as possible. Some lenders even insist on landlord insurance being taken out when they grant a buy-to-let mortgage. Image Credit The building Starting with the basics, the insurance will cover damage to the building. […]