Tips to keep the house in good condition and save energy

Are the autumn beginning and the freshness of the days remind you of winter? Let me tell you that you are at the ideal time to prepare your home to face the inclemency of winter. If you practice the tricks of this article you will not suffer any fright. Do not miss them! Continue reading “Tips to keep the house in good condition and save energy”

Signs you should replace your double glazing

Double glazing has been available in the UK since the 1970s. Following the oil crisis, which pushed up fuel bills, consumers were looking for ways to conserve energy; subsequently, secondary double glazing was brought to market. Secondary doubling glazing is still seen by some to more efficient than double glazing units, as the air gap created between the two panes is much larger.

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Since then, double-glazing technology has moved on at a pace; now, you can have triple-glazed windows with frames made from a variety of materials and in numerous shades.

Double glazing does not last forever, however, and there are a few things you should look out for that will tell you when your windows might be on the way out.

Steamy windows

It is common to have moisture, or condensation, on your windows during the autumn and winter months due to the variance in temperature between the outside and the inside; however, you should never see any condensation between the glazed panes. If you do, you have a serious problem. Moisture between panes indicates that either there was a manufacturing fault, if they are new, or a crack or leak has occurred. The pane will generally need replacing.

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A whistling wind

No double-glazing units fit perfectly, as most homes will have some imperfections in the walls and spaces in which the windows are being fitted; however, these gaps are filled with an expanding foam to seal them tight and ensure that you are not losing heat through them. If you start to feel a breeze, something has gone wrong with the seal or there has been a slight shift in the walls; either way, it needs checking out. Firms such as Firmfix in Worcester that provide double glazing in Worcester can help.

Finally, general wear and tear will tell you that you need to think about replacing your double glazing. At the very least, cracks in uPVC or wooden frames, missing or damaged seals, or chips in the window panes themselves indicate that you need to have them looked at by a professional. Some problems may only require a quick repair job to prolong the life of your windows; however, more serious issues will require a full replacement if you are to maintain the energy efficiency of your home.

Is it worth the expensive gas oil or not?

With a price difference that exceeds 10% between normal and special diesel (each oil company names them in one way). You have to think very hard whether or not it compensates for this extra expense. Although it is true that performance improves, there are other drawbacks besides the price. Continue reading “Is it worth the expensive gas oil or not?”

How to fix a scratch on your van’s paintwork

You’ll be hard-pressed to find a vehicle on the road on which there are no scratches or scuffs. But when it happens to you, do you send it to the repair shop or try repairing the vehicle yourself?

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Start sanding

A van is a working vehicle, so chips and bumps are unavoidable: but it’s pretty expensive to get these blemishes repaired. If it’s only a small scratch, you might be tempted to repair it yourself. If so, you’ll need to clean and degrease the surface, leaving it free from dirt and grime. After this, sand the damaged area to remove the scratch and leave the surface smooth (to achieve this, you may need an orbital sander and rough and smooth grades of sandpaper).

Primed and ready

The area needs to be masked off and two coats of primer applied, with a ten-minute drying period in between coats. A protective base coat should then be applied, and each coat should be followed by sanding with fine paper. Each time you spray, you’ll be getting closer to the final colour required.

Generally, you’ll need about five coats, followed by a spray of lacquer prior to the final coat. This will help give a durable, glossy finish to the paint. When you’ve finished this, give the whole vehicle an all-over wax to help blend in the new, fresher paint to the older original paint finish. Don’t be tempted to wash your van for at least three days after doing any paint repair job.

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Prevention before cure

To help prevent dents and scratches inside your van, it’s a good idea to use Plylining on the inside of your van: this will strengthen the interior and help prevent dents and scratches resulting from tools and equipment carried in the rear of your vehicle.

Your work van is an important asset to your business, and its appearance on the road is an advertisement of your work ethic. Dirty, scratched and unkempt vans do not give a good impression, so always maintain a high standard of care and keep your van clean and tidy.

Whether you decide to have a go and repair your van yourself or take it to a workshop is up to you. The latter is the more expensive option but may look more professional.

Featured of the week: Nvidia presents the GTX 1070 Ti

Nvidia has finally presented the much commented GTX 1070 Ti . Its GPU is based on that of the GTX 1080, with a somewhat lower turbo frequency, some less CUDA cores and lower speed memory. The result is a GTX 1070 Ti whose founder edition can be purchased on the Nvidia website for about $480. It competes with both the RX Vega 56 and the RX Vega 64. And probably comes out triumphant due to the bad price the cards keep of AMD. After two months its presentation there are still no personalized models in the market. Continue reading “Featured of the week: Nvidia presents the GTX 1070 Ti”

Cannabis Factory Raided by Police Wearing Body Cameras

In a series of dawn raids across the country, nine people have been arrested from 11 addresses for growing cannabis. Operation Clevedon was successfully carried out and was captured with dramatic results using police body-cam footage. From one particular property in Gloucester, police uncovered £750,000 of drugs.

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Raid Caught on Camera

A body worn camera which was strapped on to one of the officers reveals footage of police breaking down the front door of a maisonette. Officers can be heard yelling for the people inside to, “get back” as they continually used a battering ram to break down the door. On entering the property, they uncovered four rooms bursting with towering cannabis plants.

In addition to the cannabis plants, there was a huge extraction system, loose wires, ventilation shafts and exposed lights recorded on camera. Commentary can be heard in the background of the footage when an officer noted that an extremely potent smell of cannabis was wafting from within the property as he uncovered numerous heavy-duty bin bags packed with “vegetable matter”.

Arrests Successfully Made

The plants found were at varying stages of development, and the operation, aimed at targeting slavery and cannabis factories run by Albanian gangs, resulted in four of the people being arrested on suspicion of providing Class B drugs and six others arrested for the same crime at cannabis factories.

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Detective Inspector Ian Fletcher commented that he was pleased with the results from the operation, which was carried out over two days. He condemned the gang members who had set up their cannabis farm directly in front of a Gloucester primary school and attacked them for having a negative effect within the community with no care for the well-being and safety for the rest of the locality.

Increase in Use of Body Cameras

Body worn cameras are used frequently by the police force for a variety of reasons, and according to reports are changing our justice systems. Companies such as are increasingly providing the police and other security services with the high-tech cameras to ensure safety for everyone.

The Gloucester property was stormed shortly before 8.35am, and the footage captured a man in an orange shirt being arrested. A total of eight men came from Gloucester with the remaining two from Norwich and Essex.

Why your offline business needs a website

Over 30 per cent of small and medium-sized businesses in Britain don’t have a website, and one in five are deliberately staying disconnected.

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This is because they are not convinced that creating a website will benefit their business, and this could be a huge mistake. Here are the four biggest reasons that your offline business needs a website.

It will be open 24/7

Your business will close down in the evenings and possibly on weekends, but a website will never close. This means that your customers can still buy products from your company and interact with your website, even if you aren’t actually working.

It doesn’t take long to set up

Lots of people assume that setting up a website is a drawn-out, time-consuming process, but it really only takes a day to decide on a domain name and purchase it. Once you have done that, you can hire a web designer to create a website (or you can create your own with a template), and this can be completed within a matter of months. It can even take less than a month if your website is fairly basic.

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It isn’t expensive

Domain names are very cheap; according to Wired, a domain name costs around £3.75 a year, which is very affordable. Hosting services are also offered at around £10 a month, and a website can be totally free if you build it yourself.

If you are looking for a London SEO Agency who can help you create your website, check out for an affordable and professional service.

You can compete with bigger businesses

It is almost impossible to compete with bigger businesses if you don’t have a website because it is very hard for you to reach audiences that aren’t local. Having a website means that customers from all across the country will be able to use your service, and this will help you to grow so that you can compete with bigger businesses in the same industry.

This can also help to increase your profits as you will be reaching a much wider audience. This could help you to grow and expand your business, which is why creating a website is well worth the time, effort and costs – especially if you think that your products could appeal to a much wider market.

How to take care of your car properly

How to take care of your car? To carry out the maintenance of your car you have to have the elements checked and each corresponding change. The brake fluid, the oil, the timing belt are elements with a concrete useful life; replacing them in time can save us a lot of money. Continue reading “How to take care of your car properly”

Taking a Close Look at Indo White Vein Kratom

One of the most unique strains of Kratom you can find is Indo white vein. There are certain alkaloids in it that are great for providing maximum stimulation and energy, which is why Indo white vein is commonly used by people who have to work for long hours without any breaks or who are working in a draining situation. You can also find the 8x extract of Indo white vein and this simply means that its concentration is 8 times higher as opposed to Kratom powder. This can provide you with the maximum amount of alkaloids just through a small quality of Indo kratom. It is a recommended product for all those who wish to get some pain relief and stimulation.

This type of Kratom is also known as Elephant Kratom or Indo Bingo because its leaves are more potent and larger as compared to the different varieties of Kratom available. Some of the affects you will experience after taking this particular strain of Kratom are:

  • Stimulation

You need some simulation when you are feeling down and have work to do and this is where the Indo Bingo strain can help you. It provides you with extra bouts of energy that aid you in getting through the day. Yes, it is a very strong strain, but it is also quite reliable and can be used as a social as well as professional enhancer. This is actually good because it promotes a sense of motivation and also intensifies your communication skills. Plus, the benefits doesn’t bring any side effects with it.

  • Nootropic Effect

The neuronal connections in the central nervous system are stimulated by the Indo Bingo strain, this can be great for enhancing your cognitive skills and enables you to focus on your work for hours without worrying about procrastination. This is one of the reasons why it has been widely used by mathematicians and physicians amongst other professionals.

  • Pain Relief

If you are suffering from chronic pain, it is a good idea for you to use Indo Bingo because it can provide you with the relief you need. As this blend comprises of 8x extract, it can provide you with an ample and balanced amount of medicinal effects. It has a longer duration of action and improved potency due to which it is sought by people who are suffering from cancer pain, backache and also diseases of the musculoskeletal system.

  • Antidepressant Effect

Indo white vein has a high quantity of the alkaloid called 7-hydroxy mitragynine and this gives it the ability of boosting your mood and can also alleviate mental stress. The extract is very effective in inducing a state of contentment, which helps it in improving mood levels and aids you in focusing on socializing and forgetting your worries.

The Indo Bingo is priced a bit higher as opposed to the Indo white vein extract, but it is one of the most premium forms of Kratom you can find and can do you a world of benefits.

How do rechargeable batteries work?

With an ever-increasing number of portable devices in our lives, rechargeable batteries of all sorts are becoming more common, and more important, than ever before.

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For a technology that the majority of us use multiple times per day, and one that has existed since the 19th century, most of us know almost nothing about how rechargeable batteries work.

How do rechargeable batteries differ from regular batteries, how do they charge, and what types of rechargeable batteries are available?

How do rechargeables charge?

All batteries function through electrochemical reactions between the contained anode and cathode. When the circuit through the battery is closed, usually by turning on the device, the electrolyte within the battery allows the anode and cathode to react with one another, producing the current that powers our devices.

Rechargeables discharge in the same way, but by using different anode and cathode materials. To charge, a charger subjects the batteries to consistent current, allowing the battery to ‘reset’ itself to its original state.

This process is not perfect, resulting in rechargeable batteries having a limited lifespan and causing the battery memory effect whereby the maximum charge a battery can hold is gradually reduced over a number of charge/discharge cycles.

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What types of rechargeable batteries are available?

Depending on a number of factors, such as required weight, volatility and cost, different types of rechargeable batteries are available.

The oldest type, developed in the mid-19th century, is the lead-acid battery. As its name implies, lead-acid batteries use a reaction between lead and sulphuric acid to provide a very high electrical current. Lead-acid batteries are very heavy but provide high current; therefore, they are often used in applications in which weight is not an issue. The include starter motors and car batteries such as the Odyssey PC680 battery available from stockists such as

Most standard rechargeable batteries – AA, AAA and so on – were nickel cadmium (NiCd). These have largely been replaced by nickel metal hydride (NiMH) batteries, which are more expensive but hold more charge.

Most portable devices are now powered by lithium ion batteries. These are not available in standard sizes and are vulnerable to overcharging, meaning they tend to require their own chargers.

Given the number of portable devices, batteries will only become more common, especially as more technologies are sure to emerge in the near future.