5 tactics to get organized in your business

Create a routine and task list to be a productive person and grow your business every day. It is normal to feel like you are playing for defense. How can you make him change things and play for the offense? Try these five effective ways to manage your time and grow your business. Continue reading “5 tactics to get organized in your business”

2 Skills That Will Make Your Internet Business Successful

Without a doubt, if you want to start a business online, you will need to have some skills so you can get the desired results. This is what differentiates successful entrepreneurs from people who only struggle to meet certain needs. Continue reading “2 Skills That Will Make Your Internet Business Successful”

What is marketing? Definition and Explanation

Short animated explanation that answers the question: What is marketing?

Definition: A set of techniques used for product distribution, to satisfy their desires, demands and purchasing power. It includes the planning, organization, direction and verification of the decisions on the lines, products, prices, a promotion and the post-band services. Continue reading “What is marketing? Definition and Explanation”

For a more effective employee assessment

1. The annual review

You should see the annual employee evaluation meeting as a marker, a time to take stock of achievements and review the individual and collective goals to be achieved over the next year. Continue reading “For a more effective employee assessment”

How to Tell If a Business Idea Will Succeed 

Suppose we find ourselves in the situation where we have found an attractive creative business idea, but before we put it into practice we want to know if this idea will be feasible and will succeed. Continue reading “How to Tell If a Business Idea Will Succeed “

8 Tips to Develop a Business Plan

Despite the advantages of a business plan such as allowing assess the viability of a business, provide guidance to implement and manage, and help demonstrate their attractiveness to others, many entrepreneurs tend to ignore the development of one in their ventures because Which they consider a difficult task to realize. Continue reading “8 Tips to Develop a Business Plan”

After-sales service, the key to success in customer retention

It may seem on many occasions that the hardest part is making new customers. The important thing is that our customer base grows and it is essential not only to reach new, but those who already have remain faithful. In this sense a good after – sales service is the key to success in customer retention.

Caring for our customers is not only that they have an to be happy, but also is going to become ambassadors of our company. We cannot think that concludes our business once we have sold them the product. We need to accompany and especially help them get the best out of our program. Continue reading “After-sales service, the key to success in customer retention”