What is marketing? Definition and Explanation


Short animated explanation that answers the question: What is marketing? Definition: A set of techniques used for product distribution, to satisfy their desires, demands and purchasing power. It includes the planning, organization, direction and verification of the decisions on the lines, products, prices, a promotion and the post-band services.

After-sales service, the key to success in customer retention

Customer retention

It may seem on many occasions that the hardest part is making new customers. The important thing is that our customer base grows and it is essential not only to reach new, but those who already have remain faithful. In this sense a good after – sales service is the key to success in customer retention. Caring for our customers is not only that they have an to be happy, but also is going to become ambassadors of our company. We cannot think that concludes our business once we have…

What is engagement?


In this life, and even more about our business, we should know that sometimes these terms are used by marketers, assuming that everyone knows their meaning. As the engagement. Important for our marketing strategy but what this term refers? And how you can beneficiary your application? The engagement is the extent to which a consumer interacts with our brand. This is the compromise between the brand and users / customers. How? Creating loyalty and motivation for our users to defend and part of the brand feel, and thus we refer…