How to Tell If a Business Idea Will Succeed 

Suppose we find ourselves in the situation where we have found an attractive creative business idea, but before we put it into practice we want to know if this idea will be feasible and will succeed. Continue reading “How to Tell If a Business Idea Will Succeed “

8 Tips to Develop a Business Plan

Despite the advantages of a business plan such as allowing assess the viability of a business, provide guidance to implement and manage, and help demonstrate their attractiveness to others, many entrepreneurs tend to ignore the development of one in their ventures because Which they consider a difficult task to realize. Continue reading “8 Tips to Develop a Business Plan”

Food for healthy bones

Manual of Nutrition and Bone Health. Coordinated by: Prof. Dr. Manuel Díaz Curiel, Head of the Internal Medicine-Metabolic Diseases Department of the Jiménez Díaz Foundation and Associate Professor of Medicine at the Autonomous University of Madrid; Prof. Dr. Ángel Gil Hernández, Professor of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, Faculty of Pharmacy, University of Granada; Prof. Dr. José Mataix Verdú, Director of the Institute of Nutrition and Food Technology, Professor of Physiology at the University of Granada. Continue reading “Food for healthy bones”

4 Ways to Make Money Writing on the Internet 

Since the arrival of the Internet earning money writing is no longer reserved only for those who manage to successfully publish and sell a book or work as editors in a newspaper or magazine, but something that anyone with a computer and an Internet connection can do .

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