Entertainment venues benefiting from tensile structures

Tensile fabric structures are now used in a wide range of sectors and one of the areas currently seeing enormous benefits is the entertainment industry. The design of these venues is solely based around the enjoyment and relaxation of consumers and the versatility of fabric structures brings about a great range of advantages.

Benefits to entertainment venues

The use of a tensile structure for an entertainment venue has a number of advantages for both the owners, performers and consumers.

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Cost effectiveness

One of the biggest benefits is the cost effectiveness of tensile structures, as there can be significant savings over a traditional steel structure, which enables the construction of the venue to come in at a lower budget. The costs are reduced because less steel is required to support the structure and it also lowers the overall cost of construction and the ongoing maintenance costs.

Design benefits

The design of arenas and other entertainment complexes is an important area and one that is essential to get right, in order for the venue to be useable and successful. For instance, it needs the right acoustics and the space has to be free from as many obstructions as possible to enhance the viewing experience.

With a tensile structure, such as those that are developed by http://fabricarchitecture.com/, there is the benefit of having large amounts of column-free space, so that people’s view of the stage isn’t blocked.

There also needs to be some unique elements to the design, which sets the venue apart from others and draws people and performers to the site. Fabric structures have the flexibility to create a range of one-off designs.

Entertainment venues benefiting from tensile structures2

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Light filtration

Tensile fabric structures have a translucent appearance which filters in large amounts of natural light and so limits the degree of artificial light that is necessary, particularly in the daytime, reducing the ongoing energy costs. However, in the evening artificial light can be used to create an ambient effect, which can enhance the viewing experience of consumers.

Covered space

Not all entertainment venues want to be completely enclosed but an outdoor space also presents problems, such as the inclement weather conditions. With the use of a fabric structure, venues can provide visitors with protection from the rain or sun, enabling them to enjoy the performance whatever the weather is like.

What Can I Use My Garden Studio For?

The answer is: almost anything! How you use your garden studio will very much depend on your own interests and the kind of work you do.

Keeping in Shape

If you like to keep in shape, garden studios are great places to install home gyms, particularly those bulky pieces of equipment that take up too much floorspace in the main house. You may not want the entire family to see your attempts at using the running machine, and a garden gym is a great way to exercise with a bit of privacy.

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On a related theme, a tranquil setting such as the garden combined with one of the studio designs that has floor-to-ceiling windows can be ideal for more contemplative activities, such as meditation or yoga. Sheds are definitely not men-only retreats any more, as the Sunday Times has reported.

Creative Work

Writers, in particular, need a quiet environment and a space where the flow of ideas is not interrupted. It can be a great advantage to get into a working routine that involves leaving the house and going to “the office”, even if it’s only across the garden. It helps to separate daily life from work.

What Can I Use My Garden Studio For

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Of course, for musicians the opposite applies. They are the ones making the noise, so soundproofed garden studios are ideal places for musicians to get together and rehearse, even late at night, without annoying the neighbours.

For artists, light is extremely important and they’ll tend to choose a studio design that maximises light at the right time of day. The same is true for people running businesses such as dressmaking or upholstery, where good light is essential to avoid eyestrain.

One of the great advantages of garden studios is that you can configure the interior exactly as you wish, so that supplies and materials can be kept to hand and an adequate working space included as part of the design. You can also bring clients and customers to the office rather than setting aside office space in the house.

Of course, one of the most popular uses for a garden studio, especially in cities where accommodation is expensive, is to provide a guestroom. If you live in a one-bedroom flat, you can effectively turn it into a two-bedroom flat without all the expense of moving, stamp duty and so on.