Nearly a third of small businesses aren’t yet benefiting from the internet

We’re all aware of the importance of maintaining a consistent presence on social media to connect with potential customers and maintain levels of trust with an existing customer base. There is a concern, however, that some small businesses are developing an over-reliance on social media, with approximately 31% of small businesses relying on their social network profiles alone to maintain their digital presence.

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Barriers to website investment

There are many reasons why a small business may choose not to invest in a website. Some businesses don’t feel that having their own dedicated website is necessary within their particular sector, and some find the design process overwhelming and difficult to navigate, and don’t feel as though they have the appropriate resources to properly maintain the finished product.

The importance of maintaining a dedicated web presence

As this Guardian article demonstrates, online marketing experts are continuing to stress how important it is for every small business to have its own website, no matter what industry or sector it is operating within. Increasing amounts of lead generation is happening online, and connecting with individuals within the Millennial and Gen-Z markets is incredibly difficult without a wide-reaching and comprehensive online presence.

Investing in a well-designed website demonstrates a level of professionalism and dedication, showing that you, as a business owner, have confidence in your business model and are willing to invest in it. This, in turn, will increase levels of customer confidence in your business.

Nearly a third of small businesses aren’t yet benefiting from the internet

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Staying competitive

Every experienced and knowledgeable Cardiff web designer, such as, can design and create a website that will help small businesses to thrive in an increasingly competitive business environment.

Increasing reach and opportunity

Your website will be the digital storefront for your business. Strong branding will attract potential customers, and your content will communicate exactly why your product or service is worth investing in. This information, presented in an easily accessible way, will help to increase conversion rates in a cost-effective way because it will be available 24 hours a day, even outside normal business hours.

Tracking success

Analytics data is one of the most important and useful parts of maintaining a dedicated online presence. Tracking how effective your marketing strategies are at reaching their goals will help you to hone your techniques to ensure you’re reaching your target audience successfully.

Entertainment venues benefiting from tensile structures

Tensile fabric structures are now used in a wide range of sectors and one of the areas currently seeing enormous benefits is the entertainment industry. The design of these venues is solely based around the enjoyment and relaxation of consumers and the versatility of fabric structures brings about a great range of advantages.

Benefits to entertainment venues

The use of a tensile structure for an entertainment venue has a number of advantages for both the owners, performers and consumers.

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Cost effectiveness

One of the biggest benefits is the cost effectiveness of tensile structures, as there can be significant savings over a traditional steel structure, which enables the construction of the venue to come in at a lower budget. The costs are reduced because less steel is required to support the structure and it also lowers the overall cost of construction and the ongoing maintenance costs.

Design benefits

The design of arenas and other entertainment complexes is an important area and one that is essential to get right, in order for the venue to be useable and successful. For instance, it needs the right acoustics and the space has to be free from as many obstructions as possible to enhance the viewing experience.

With a tensile structure, such as those that are developed by, there is the benefit of having large amounts of column-free space, so that people’s view of the stage isn’t blocked.

There also needs to be some unique elements to the design, which sets the venue apart from others and draws people and performers to the site. Fabric structures have the flexibility to create a range of one-off designs.

Entertainment venues benefiting from tensile structures2

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Light filtration

Tensile fabric structures have a translucent appearance which filters in large amounts of natural light and so limits the degree of artificial light that is necessary, particularly in the daytime, reducing the ongoing energy costs. However, in the evening artificial light can be used to create an ambient effect, which can enhance the viewing experience of consumers.

Covered space

Not all entertainment venues want to be completely enclosed but an outdoor space also presents problems, such as the inclement weather conditions. With the use of a fabric structure, venues can provide visitors with protection from the rain or sun, enabling them to enjoy the performance whatever the weather is like.

What Can I Use My Garden Studio For?

The answer is: almost anything! How you use your garden studio will very much depend on your own interests and the kind of work you do.

Keeping in Shape

If you like to keep in shape, garden studios are great places to install home gyms, particularly those bulky pieces of equipment that take up too much floorspace in the main house. You may not want the entire family to see your attempts at using the running machine, and a garden gym is a great way to exercise with a bit of privacy.

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On a related theme, a tranquil setting such as the garden combined with one of the studio designs that has floor-to-ceiling windows can be ideal for more contemplative activities, such as meditation or yoga. Sheds are definitely not men-only retreats any more, as the Sunday Times has reported.

Creative Work

Writers, in particular, need a quiet environment and a space where the flow of ideas is not interrupted. It can be a great advantage to get into a working routine that involves leaving the house and going to “the office”, even if it’s only across the garden. It helps to separate daily life from work.

What Can I Use My Garden Studio For

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Of course, for musicians the opposite applies. They are the ones making the noise, so soundproofed garden studios are ideal places for musicians to get together and rehearse, even late at night, without annoying the neighbours.

For artists, light is extremely important and they’ll tend to choose a studio design that maximises light at the right time of day. The same is true for people running businesses such as dressmaking or upholstery, where good light is essential to avoid eyestrain.

One of the great advantages of garden studios is that you can configure the interior exactly as you wish, so that supplies and materials can be kept to hand and an adequate working space included as part of the design. You can also bring clients and customers to the office rather than setting aside office space in the house.

Of course, one of the most popular uses for a garden studio, especially in cities where accommodation is expensive, is to provide a guestroom. If you live in a one-bedroom flat, you can effectively turn it into a two-bedroom flat without all the expense of moving, stamp duty and so on.

How to Use Aloe Vera to Grow Hair?

The aloe Vera contains substances and nutrients that act on the hair regenerating and stimulating growth. Why? Because, among the many benefits of aloe Vera, it should be emphasized that it stimulates blood circulation of the scalp This allows a good irrigation of the follicle and stimulates the growth of the new hair. If you want to know how to use aloe Vera to grow your hair, find out in this article of everything. Continue reading “How to Use Aloe Vera to Grow Hair?”

Most romantic Honeymoon destinations

Your wedding day is meant to be the most special and romantic day of your life so you’ll want to make sure that the destination you choose for your honeymoon carries on in this dream-like, loved up manner. Here are some popular honeymoon ideas and maybe a couple that you hadn’t thought of before.


Wild, windswept countryside and untouched coastlines make this the perfect getaway for freedom and dramatic scenery. You can drive for miles without seeing another soul. A little B&B with the most romantic view in the world is Stonechats Croft just south of Scourie. Fall head over heels in love with the Falls of Bruar. Situated just outside the lovely Highland Perthshire town of Blair Atholl lies one of the most magnificent waterfalls in the world making this one of the most romantic sights in Scotland.

Bali, Indonesia

Nicknamed the ‘Isle of the Gods’, Bali has been a magnet for romantic breaks due to its misty temples, incredible mountain views and active arts scene. The Nusa Dua coast has stunning white sandy beaches and warm waters. Take a trip to the Pura Luhur Uluwatu temple situated on a cliff 200 feet above the Indian Ocean. The view of the sunset here is definitely romantic and then you can experience the nightly dance performance here.

Most romantic Honeymoon destinations

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Paris, France

Of course this city had to make the list as it’s considered one of the most romantic cities on earth. The gorgeous mix of architecture, art and food make this a classy destination for some chic honeymooners. Tie a ribbon on the Pont des Art bridge to symbolize your everlasting love for each other and then hit all the tourist spots like the Eiffel Tower, the Louvre and the Musee D’Orsay.

Venice, Italy

Nobody does romance quite like the Italians and Venice has long been a popular destination for honeymoons. Nothing says ‘amore’ like a gondola ride for newlyweds as you sail the Grand Canal. Take leisurely strolls around the Piazza San Marco, take a boat ride to a nearby island or just enjoy some fabulous local cuisine.

Harbour Island, The Bahamas

The sand here is so beautiful, it’s almost pink and if it’s good enough for the likes of Bill Gates and Elle MacPherson then it must be something special. Enjoy your new life beginning together by visiting Pink Sands Beach which boasts 3 miles of unadulterated sand and bright, turquoise waters. If you’re tempted to start planning a trip to the Caribbean then visit

Most romantic Honeymoon destinations2

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Savannah, Georgia

This one might not have occurred to you but if you’re drawn to the United States then this is one city that offers serenity and relaxation after all those wedding stresses. Stroll along the tree loined avenues and let the ambience of the South wash over you. What could be more romantic than a ride on a horse-drawn carriage around the town?

Top tips for choosing double glazing

Installing double glazing is one of the best ways to add value to your home, while cutting energy bills and making your home more comfortable. It can also be a major investment, so here are some top tips to ensure you get a great installation.

Do your research

Decide exactly what kind of window or door you need. Look at the various prices and try to understand why some are so much cheaper than others. When the salesman calls, you’ll know if you’re being pushed towards pricier options. If you’re looking for uPVC windows in Dublin, for example, you’ll have a good idea how much they should cost.

Be shameless about local research. If one of your neighbours has recently had double glazing installed, why not knock on the door, apologise for the intrusion and ask them if they were happy with the installer? If your neighbour is talkative, you may even find out how much they paid, which is a great piece of market intelligence.

Make sure the company you choose has a good reputation

With the advent of online reviews, you can find out who has the most satisfied customers and who has a bunch of unhappy people posting bad reviews. Be aware though, that people are more likely to post if they are unhappy, so a company that doesn’t have a lot of reviews may still offer excellent service.

Top tips for choosing double glazing

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Get at least three estimates
People are often reluctant to do this, because after the first interview with a supplier, they feel as though they have struck up a relationship. However, it’s madness not to get another couple of estimates, because prices can vary wildly. If you find that the supplier you like is slightly more expensive than the others, you can always raise this with them and ask what accounts for the difference. A professional double glazing company, like, will always give you a detailed estimate.

Top tips for choosing double glazing2

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Don’t meet the sales person alone
If possible, get a friend or neighbour to sit in the room, with the sole purpose of stopping you doing anything impulsive. Remember the double glazing ombudsman service is there to help:

Check your rights

These tend to differ according to whether you’re having custom built or standard units, so check to make sure you know how to complain and get any problems rectified.

How to organize a child’s birthday?

Whether to celebrate a year or ten years, the birthday of your children is always a special occasion and we love celebrating with family and friends. When it is necessary to organize a beautiful celebration where everyone will feel comfortable, often what prevails is simplicity and let the children play, without however that the party we run between fingers. If you want to know how to organize your child’s birthday, here are some tips. Continue reading “How to organize a child’s birthday?”

How to Eliminate Bad Odors in a House?

We will see here how to eliminate the bad odors in a house, whether it is the smell of snuff, fish, frying, fat, dirty clothes, garbage cans. You can feel many Bad odors in you. In truth, this is not strange since you do many daily tasks in your home that can be the source of bad odors. You may be wondering: what should I do now? Some commercial products allow you to get rid of these odors, but most are expensive and sometimes also odors persist. Unpleasant odors that we perceive at home can be eliminated easily with natural remedies or grandmother. Continue reading “How to Eliminate Bad Odors in a House?”

5 more great tips for getting active with your kids

If you enjoyed our five great tips on getting active with your kids, then here are five more fantastic ideas for getting healthier, happier and fitter with your children.

5 more great tips for getting active with your kids

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Try Something New Each Weekend

Every weekend make a concerted effort to do something new. Take a frisbee on a bike ride and stop for a game halfway. Take a cricket set to a picnic or a rounders set on a dog walk. Go for a family horse riding session, try geocaching or even orienteering. Use the internet to come up with new ideas. Keeping it varied will keep the kids interested, and you may even discover a hidden talent amongst you!

Indoors Fun

Just because it’s raining outside it doesn’t mean you have to miss out. There are plenty of things to do at your local leisure centre and beyond on rainy, snowy or stormy days. These include swimming, roller-skating, ice-skating, indoor climbing, indoor ski centres or visiting a trampoline park such as Jump Street.

Active Holidays

Think about being active when you book your holiday. Look for hotels, resorts or campsites that have activity centres with swimming pools, tennis courts or climbing walls, or simply ones that have outdoor adventure parks with children’s wooden climbing frames such as those available from You could even consider high wire forest equipment and zip wires.

National Parks and Nature Reserves

Britain is home to a number of diverse National Parks as well as countless nature reserves, RSPB sites and areas of outstanding beauty. Use the internet to search for events and family days out at these locations. You can look for events that are on where you live and also for events that may be on close to your holiday destination.

Buy a Kite

Kiting is a surprisingly excellent form of exercise. It’s also hugely rewarding and can be enjoyed by everyone from toddlers to 80 year olds. There are even kite groups that meet up for events and kite making workshops that take place all over the UK.

These five great ideas will really help you and your family get more active. Whatever you do, make sure you do it frequently and make sure you do it together – the perfect recipe for a healthy, happy family.