The ZTE ZXV10 B860H is the bet of Chinese manufacturer in the world of set-top-box Android 4K

The ZTE zxv10

A few days ago we told you what was the Xiaomi bet on in the world of Set-Top-Box now time to talk about ZTE. The Chinese company has seen a good reef in this market, some gadgets that can turn any smart TV market, always yes, it is compatible. So the company is preparing to launch 4K TV tuner with Android, you can see the light at the Broadband World Forum in London. For now there are too many details, but we know that this Set-Top-Box will use Android’s own TV applications and is compatible with standard high – definition TV.

The Ultimaker 3 is a 3D printer that allows simultaneous use of two materials in our creations

The Ultimaker 3

One trend in recent years is which refers to the use of 3D printers. The first time I had contact with them was 4 years in the booth of Nokia at MWC in Barcelona. A model exposed there used to create shells for their mobile and since then much has happened and much has changed. The latest printer of its kind to hit the market was the 3D printer Ultimaker 3, a printer type open source from a manufacturer that has a very good reputation in this regard. A 3D…

Do you want to take care of your body and your health? You know why fiber should not miss in your diet


To look good on the outside and inside food beware that we can be a great resource, so much so that the fiber should not miss in your diet if you want to take care of your body and your health and then tell you why. Fiber can help you lose weight We have already told that eating more fiber is one of the scientifically proven slimming resources, not only because delay the digestive process avoiding sudden release of insulin after blood sugar spikes but also because it produces satiety…

How exercise can help in the prevention and treatment of breast cancer

Breast Cancer

Annually we remember at this time in which the celebrated World Day Against Breast Cancer, there are many benefits to physical exercise regularly. One of these benefits is precisely the exercise, combined with healthy habits, is a measure that can help prevent and treat breast cancer. Exercise as a protective factor against cancer In several types of cancer, there is evidence that exercise acts as a factor which reduces the risk , so that an active life is always a recommendation. But in the case of breast cancer, the recommendation…

‘Early Man’, Tom Hiddleston joins the cast and first trailer of this prehistoric comedy

Early Man

Produced by Aardman and Studiocanal, just started the production of ‘Early Man’, a new prehistoric comedy directed by Nick Park, which tells the story of adventures of a brave caveman, Dug and his partner, boar Hognob. Eddie Redmayne provides the voice of the hero and now Tom Hiddleston has just joined the cast to play the ” ridiculously pompous ” Lord Nooth, the governor of the city of the Bronze Age, a lover tyrant money and rival Hero Age of stone.

‘Black Mirror’ and fascinating dystopias

Black mirror

It has become ‘Black Mirror’ to rejoice (and fret) weekend. From today is available on Netflix the first batch of episodes of the third season, larger than the previous two. If he has benefited chain change is an issue that will be evaluated at the end; today I have seen the first episode, ‘Nosedive’ and I can say that the level remains essentially. The series, created by Charlie Brooker in 2011, consists of separate stories that deal with the effects of technology in our society, but uses environments and elements…

After-sales service, the key to success in customer retention

Customer retention

It may seem on many occasions that the hardest part is making new customers. The important thing is that our customer base grows and it is essential not only to reach new, but those who already have remain faithful. In this sense a good after – sales service is the key to success in customer retention. Caring for our customers is not only that they have an to be happy, but also is going to become ambassadors of our company. We cannot think that concludes our business once we have…

What is engagement?


In this life, and even more about our business, we should know that sometimes these terms are used by marketers, assuming that everyone knows their meaning. As the engagement. Important for our marketing strategy but what this term refers? And how you can beneficiary your application? The engagement is the extent to which a consumer interacts with our brand. This is the compromise between the brand and users / customers. How? Creating loyalty and motivation for our users to defend and part of the brand feel, and thus we refer…

Ultra-E network is ultra fast charging for electric vehicles that are preparing VW, BMW and Renault

Ultra E Network

If we reach that electric cars a reality for the vast majority, plus the industry decides accelerate time – fortunately the Paris Motor Show had green shoots – the infrastructure must be prepared: not everyone has at home a way to load cars, does not help too much load speed of what little there is on the streets. For help with this last born Ultra E, an alliance between different European manufacturers and related electric vehicle charging companies. They want to go riding a network load much faster than we…

Connectivity and active safety are the pillars of the SEAT León restyling for 2017


The SEAT León, one of the three pillars of growth SEAT is updated. 2017 will release a slightly retouched aesthetic, more technological equipment, a new engine and a new finish. SEAT has four straight years of growth. So far in 2016, it has already sold more than 321,000 cars and accumulates more than 30,000 orders SEAT Ateca. The Lion is another key brand models and updating serves to reinforce that success.